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Automatic Grunge

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Automatic Grunge is a Photoshop Template that converts black and white type and images into an authentic Grunge/Photocopy effect in just seconds! It is a highly customizable template with several textures, actions, brushes and paper backgrounds to choose from. This is by far the most complete and versatile grunge template out there.

Key Features:

•​​ Smart PSD Template: A4-sized template at 300 DPI for easy application of the grunge effect. (11,6x8,2”)

•​​ High-Resolution Brushes: 26 grunge brushes to add grit and personality to your designs

•​​ Distress Textures: Choose from 10 distinctive distress textures for added authenticity.

•​​ Photocopy/Gritty Textures: Enhance your designs with 14 textures for a raw, 90’s grunge look.

•​​ Vintage Paper Textures: 5 vintage paper backgrounds with a gritty look

•​​ Easy Customization: Mix and match textures effortlessly for a variety of grunge looks.

•​​ 4 Actions: Three actions for type destruction and a bleeding effect and an automatic Transparent Background useful action

•​​ Comprehensive Instructions: Embedded instructions to guide you seamlessly through the process.

Why Choose this Template:

•​​ Easy and Quick Application: Simply paste your image or type into the template and follow instructions

•​​ Quality: All of the materials in this template is created for the most realistic and organic photocopy effect

•​​ Variety: A rich assortment of textures and brushes for unparalleled creativity.

•​​ Limitless Combinations: Customize settings for an infinite array of grunge variations.

•​​ Compatibility: Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and later versions (ENGLISH)

Demonstration Video: Here