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Automatic Wet Ink

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Automatic Wet Ink is a Photoshop Template designed to easily transform black and white type and images into stunning Wet Ink/Watercolor artworks. With its versatility and comprehensive high quality features, it stands as the most complete template available for achieving authentic ink and watercolor effects effortlessly. Mix and match stains to add even further watery look to your designs.

Key Features:

• Smart PSD Template: Sized at 3200x2300 pixels for easy application of the wet ink/watercolor effect.

• High-Resolution Brushes: Includes 62 high-resolution brushes of stains to add depth and texture to your designs.

• Wet Ink/Watercolor Textures:Choose from 5 distinct wet ink/watercolor textures to infuse your designs with fluidity and vibrancy.

• Vintage Paper Textures: Enhance the authenticity of your creations with 5 vintage paper textures.

• Wet Edges Actions: Features 10 actions designed to create realistic wet edges for an authentic look.

• Comprehensible Instructions: Embedded instructions to guide you through the process with ease.

• Easy Customization: Effortlessly customize your designs to suit your creative vision.

Why Choose this Template:

• Effortless Transformation: Simply apply your black and white type or images to the template and follow the instructions for instant wet ink/watercolor effects.

• Quality: All of the materials in this template is created for the most realistic and organic wet ink/watercolor effect

• Compatibility: Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and later versions (ENGLISH)

• Unrivaled Versatility: Explore a wide range of textures, brushes, and actions for limitless creative possibilities.

• Complete Solution: From wet ink/watercolor textures to vintage paper backgrounds and wet edges actions, this template offers everything you need to achieve professional results.

• User-Friendly Experience: With comprehensible instructions and easy customization options, creating stunning wet ink/watercolor designs has never been easier.

Demonstration Video: Here